A well-designed landscape can increase your home's value and add value to your life, too.

Landscape Architecture
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Landscape Architecture

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A well-designed landscape can increase your home’s value and add value to your life, too. Want to transform your home? A landscape architect can help you create an outdoor space that’s liveable, beautiful, and eco-friendly. Landscape architects are licensed professionals who can design outdoor living spaces and manage every step of the process.
If you have a complicated, large, or custom landscaping project in mind, a skilled landscape architecture company can be invaluable. Our licensed professionals have years of experience in modern landscape architecture and design. We can transform any residential, civic, or commercial property into usable outdoor space. Whether you have something specific in mind or you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help.
Landscape Architecture

What a Landscape Architect Can Do for You

A San Diego landscape architecture specialist must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. To use this title, they must also pass a test through the California State License Board. Most landscape architects have a background in horticulture with extensive experience and training in many areas. This may include local codes, engineering, and other technical aspects.
The experts with our landscape architecture firm will work with you to bring your vision to life. If you aren’t sure what you want yet, we can help you create a custom landscape plan.
A Qualified Landscaping Architect Will Create Several Design
Plans For Your Project That Include:
Hardscape, or man-made features like paths & gazebos
Hardscape, or man-made features like paths & gazebos
Landscape architects have the training and experience to handle any number of challenging problems. This can include fixing elevation issues, planning drainage and irrigation, handling steep slopes, and planning retaining wall location. Landscape architects have experience with more than plants. Your professional is also well-versed in water management, fencing, water features, cement, paving, walls, and much more.
A landscape architect views your landscape as a system with many components that work together to create harmony.
A landscape architect will wear many hats as a manager, coordinator, designer, and communicator. Behind the scenes, your landscape architect figures out grading plans and technical details for every aspect of your design.
Your professional is trained to design a landscape but not build it. This means your landscape architect will use design drawings and collaborate with contractors to bring them to life. Landscape contractors will be the ones to actually install the landscapes based on the design specs.
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We know: trying to design a space can be overwhelming. If you aren’t sure where to start or if we can help you with your outdoor design, we’re always here to help. Here are a few common questions we often hear to get you started.
What is the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer? When you begin your search for a landscape professional, you will likely come across many terms. Landscaper, landscape designer, landscape architect: what’s the difference? A landscaper offers the most basic services that include tree and shrubbery planting, removing or replacing plants, and seeding a lawn. Many landscaping companies offer maintenance services such as mowing and edging as well.
In California, a landscape architect must be licensed. Only a landscape architect can wet stamp plan designs prior to permit submission. Residential landscape architecture rarely requires a wet stamp. It’s often needed for civic and commercial landscape.
Landscape architecture firms offer even greater expertise. You may want a landscape architect if your plan requires changing the land or you have a complex design. Landscape architects aren’t just designers; they also manage the technical aspects of your project.
This includes coordinating with engineers, code requirements, property setbacks, and more.
A landscape designer, on the other hand, designs a landscape from scratch or renovates an existing lawn. A designer will provide a blueprint for your property with the best placement of various features and plants.
A landscape designer can offer valuable insight and create a balanced design.
How do I choose a landscape architect?
Choosing the right professional for your project can seem like a daunting task. You may find it helpful to begin with a budget or a list of what you would like done. Consider your existing landscape and make a list of elements you want to remove. You will also need a good idea of what you want to add to the space or existing problem areas.
You may get recommendations from friends and family, or you may need to research landscape architects in your area. Narrow down your options by checking credentials and testimonials from previous clients. One good resource is the Association for Landscape Designers (APLD). Plan to interview at least three professionals to ask about their process and their specialties.
Choose Design
Architect Discussion
It’s a good idea to speak with several landscape architects about your project. This will help you find someone who will be a good fit. There are many specialties in the industry and areas of expertise. Some professionals focus on residential landscape architecture while others focus on other areas.
Keep in mind a landscape architect will need to visit the site to understand how complex it will be. During this initial consultation, the professional will note soil conditions, sun and shade, and other features. From there, the architect will create a rough concept. If you decide to move forward, your professional will create a more detailed concept. You will also have the opportunity to discuss what you do and do not like and request changes. From there, you will receive an estimate for the price and a rough timeline.
Why do I need a landscape architect?
Not all landscaping projects require the expertise of a landscape architect. Landscape architects are always recommended for civic and commercial projects and any project that is:
  • Complex.
  • Custom or very unique.
  • Requires attention to permits, engineering, and detail.
  • Blends many elements such as drainage, retaining walls, hardscape, and lighting.
  • Involves changes to the land, such as correcting elevation
  • or tackling steep slopes.
Landscape Architect
There are many benefits to working with a landscape architect. Here are some perks to
keep in mind if you aren’t sure if you should hire a landscape architecture firm.
Boost your home value.
A licensed landscape architect can increase the value of your home. This service may be one of the best investments you make in your home, adding up to 15% to your value.
Expand your living space
An experienced landscape architect can design an outdoor area that extends your living space. Built-in seating, water elements, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and more can all contribute to a cozy space you will want to share.
In-depth plan for your space
Remember that landscape architects have training and experience in many areas. Your professional will assess the problem areas of your property and consider the possibilities. A strong plan will bring out the best in what your outdoor space could be. You will get advice on selecting colors, styles, materials, textures, and plant species for your landscape.
Landscape architects handle all of the details
Because landscape architects serve many roles in the project, you will gain access to expert advice on every decision. Your architect can handle all of the details of your project from start to finish to save you the stress and time. You will not need to worry about overseeing contractors or staying on schedule.
Enjoy a low maintenance garden
You probably don’t want to spend the money or waste resources to keep landscaping looking its best. One of the biggest trends in landscaping today is the use of attractive native plants. This eco-friendly approach is natural and reduces water use. A variety of shrubs, grasses, and trees can also be chosen with low water requirements. A landscape architect can help you design a beautiful low maintenance space to lower the need for water and chemicals. With many native plants, you do not even need to irrigate or supplement your landscaping with water at all.
Save on energy costs
Did you know a well-placed tree can reduce your cooling costs? A landscape architect can plant trees and tall shrubs in a way to conserve energy and create shade on your home. This can reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 30%.
If you aren’t sure if you need the services of a landscape architect, just ask us. We’ll let you know if your project would be better suited to a landscape designer or another professional.

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