Outdoor landscape design is one of the easiest & most effective ways to transform your property.

Landscape Design
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Landscape Design

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Do you want a front or backyard you can be proud of? Do you imagine a space to play with the kids, entertain guests, or just relax? As a leading landscape design company in San Diego, we can help you make your landscape dreams come true. We offer landscape design in San Diego for residential and commercial customers. We can help you design an outdoor space from scratch or bring your ideas to life. Ready to get started? Learn more about what a landscape designer can do for you.

Here Are Just A FEW Of The Things Our Landscape Design Team Can Handle.

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Creative Landscape Design

Creative Landscape Design That Wows

Does your current landscape fall flat? Do you envision using your space to entertain and have fun? Or do you imagine a soothing garden scene that attracts birds and butterflies? We take pride in our creative residential landscape design that unlocks the potential of your property.
We can create everything from basic landscape design that boosts curb appeal to elaborate getaways with patios, water features, and more.
We encourage you to share as many ideas, thoughts, pictures, and sources of inspiration as possible. We will use this information during your consultation to design the landscape of your dreams.

Front Yard Landscape Design

Your front yard should be more than a lawn with basic plantings. It should set your home apart from the neighborhood and make you feel glad to return home. A landscape designer can help you improve your curb appeal by designing a front yard that considers dozens of factors:
  • Plants that offer color, interest, and texture year-round
  • Soil conditions
  • Sun and shade conditions
  • Color choices, which can focus attention on certain areas, highlight the home, and add interest
  • Optimal tree placement for shade and lower air conditioning costs
  • Flower beds that complement the home
  • Water features like waterfalls, fountains, and ponds
Front Yard
  • Patios and other hardscape features
  • Specific concerns such as improving privacy or dampening street noise
  • Lighting techniques that add safety, emphasize texture, and add drama to your front yard
Are you ready to become the envy of the entire neighborhood? Contact us for landscape design in San Diego to learn more.
Back Yard

Backyard Landscape Design

How do you envision your backyard? Do you want a natural landscape design or something exciting and unique? Do you want a place to entertain guests and enjoy meals, or you do want a quiet retreat?
Whatever your goals, we can help with expert backyard landscape design. We provide home landscape design for projects of all sizes, from sweeping acres of land to small backyards with limited space.
After a consultation to discuss your goals and what you’d like to see, we will review your site. We will use this information to create rough drafts for your approval before creating a final plan for installation.
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We take into account dozens of factors to give you the perfect backyard landscape for your needs.
Considerations May Include:
  • Water features
  • Use of space
  • Hardscape
  • Lighting
  • Privacy and noise concerns
  • Site conditions such as drainage, sun and shade, and soil conditions
  • Future plans. For example, you may want to install a swing set for your children later. Our designer will take this into consideration and leave the perfect space.
  • Maintenance. Think about how much maintenance you want to put into your backyard and let us know. We can create an elaborately landscaped yard for enthusiastic gardeners or a low-maintenance space with native plants if you aren’t up for yard work.
Water Feature
Ready to transform your backyard into a space you will love to use every day? Contact Us to
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Commercial Landscape

Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial spaces benefit from a modern landscape design that enhances the appearance of the building while adding function. With a landscape designer, you can deliver the right message about your business, whether it’s professional, fun, soothing, or edgy. We believe that attractive design attracts more customers to a business by making the exterior more inviting.
Our design services also focus on practical concerns such as water conservation. Combining native plants with smart design can reduce your operating costs. Good landscaping will even help you direct the flow of traffic to the entrances.
After a consultation that includes a visit to your commercial property, we will develop a custom plan based on your needs. Our landscape designers will select hardy plants and commercial-grade fixtures and finishes. We will also address erosion and drainage issues as well as missed opportunities for amenities.
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We offer landscape design in San Diego for all types of Commercial Properties:
Office buildings
Hospitals, clinics, & medical practices
Retail stores
Apartment communities
Do you have questions about working with a landscape designer? If it’s your first time installing professional landscaping, we are always here to help. The following are common questions we receive from clients, but you can always give us a call to discuss your specific plans.
What if I already have a design?
If you already have a design in hand for your landscape, we can still help. We offer a range of services to help you achieve the landscaping of your dreams. Our landscape designers and installers can assist with hiring and overseeing landscape contractors to install your landscaping. We also offer consultations, plan reviews, and more.
How does the design process work?
We use a multi-stage home landscape design process with your input at every stage. During the first stage, we will meet to discuss and document your goals and desires for your space. Depending on the project, we may review photos and outlines of the property or schedule a visit. We encourage you to bring pictures or magazines of any styles, features, or ideas you’d like. This meeting will also review and set a budget for your plans.
After the initial meeting, we will conduct a site measurement drawing. A landscape designer will take measurements of your site and create a rough drawing of your home footprint, property lines, and existing plants and structures. A land survey may be necessary for a complicated site to determine property lines and elevations.
Next, our designer will evaluate your site and the area to consider the soil profile, topography, views, nearby structures, use patterns, and more. This data is used to determine the type and placement of plants and the placement of hardscape. A plain-view base map will be created for the next phase.
Design Process
Luxury House Landscaping
With the base map, data from the site evaluation, and your input, your landscape designer will create rough sketches that show several ways to achieve your ideas. We will present you with several sketches for your input.
A final conceptual plan will be created that consolidates the features you like best from the sketches. This plan will show the overall design, major plants, plant materials, and the general layout of the landscape.
The last stage is preparing drawings with detailed plant lists, plant layouts, materials, product specs, planting notes, and concept notes.
Construction documents are used by contractors to install every element of your new landscaping.
Your designer will visit during installation to ensure contractors are following the drawings and help with any details or questions.
What is the advantage of designing and building?
As landscape designers, we offer a range of services. No matter who you choose for your landscape design, it’s important to go through an initial consultation to determine if they are a good fit. One of the most important questions to ask is the scope of the work the designer offers. To set up a free consultation and see if we are a good fit, click here to call now. 
Design only
Some landscape design professionals only work in the design phase of the process.
This will include a site analysis, review of your needs, custom landscape design, revisions, and a final conceptual plan. You will receive
a construction document and detailed planting plan to give to a landscape contractor to handle.
If you don’t want to handle the details of your project or search for contractors, it may be better to find a company, like Ultrascape. We offer landscape professional designing and building services. We will oversee every aspect of the project from purchase, design, construction, and installation. With a vetted, long-standing in-house team in place, there is no need to hire unpredictable subcontractors.
Full service.
This type of designer also handles ongoing maintenance of your garden.
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Whether you need a landscape design only or you want someone who can handle your project from start to finish, we can help. Our design and build landscape designers can save you stress and time by ensuring your landscaping is designed and installed just as it should be.

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