Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor Kitchen is one of the most unique ways to transform your landscape.

Outdoor Kitchen
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Outdoor Kitchen

Transform your outdoor Space

What better way to enjoy San Diego’s beautiful weather than with an outdoor kitchen? Enjoy spending more time outdoors with friends and family while expanding your outdoor living space. We install all types of outdoor kitchens in San Diego, CA, from simple outdoor kitchens to grand covered outdoor kitchens. We have years of experience designing and building outdoor entertainment areas, custom outdoor kitchens, bars, and BBQ islands.Ready to transform your backyard into an oasis? Learn more about what we can do for you.
Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Every great outdoor kitchen starts with a stellar design. Our team of designers and construction contractors will work with you to develop the backyard kitchen of your dreams. Do you want a small outdoor kitchen that doesn’t take up too much of your backyard? Do you envision a grand, high-end kitchen that will be the hit of every party? Whether you want a contemporary, rustic, or modern look, or something that will work well with an older home, we will develop a plan that exceeds your expectations.
Your outdoor kitchen can enhance your outdoor space with a place to gather, grill, and unwind. Installing a quality kitchen in your backyard that complements your home can also increase your home’s value substantially. Depending on what you want, your outdoor kitchen can be far more than a simple kitchen island and grill. We install pizza ovens, smokers, warming drawers, fridges, and much more. Schedule a design consultation to learn more about the possibilities for your backyard.

High-End Finishes

A custom outdoor kitchen is a big investment; that’s why we put quality first. We use only the best materials to design outdoor kitchens
that stand the test of time. Because your kitchen is subjected to the elements, it’s important to choose materials that can stand
up to wear and tear. By using high-end materials like granite, stone, and stainless steel, we create beautiful kitchens
that don’t just function for years; they also increase your home’s value.
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a durable, rust-resistant material that adds elegance and style to any outdoor kitchen. This material blends well with natural stone to create a high-end look. It’s also very easy to clean. Most grills and other outdoor kitchen appliances are made from stainless steel as it can withstand changing temperatures and rain.
We can also install stainless steel cabinets for attractive yet durable outdoor storage. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets come in many finishes, including brushed, wood grain powder coat finish, textured, and bright colors like red and blue. For an ultra-modern look, you can even opt for low maintenance stainless steel countertops.
Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone like granite, travertine, soapstone, and slate are the ideal option for outdoor countertops. All types of natural stone can withstand rain, sunlight, and other elements easily with little care.
Cleaning natural stone is also a breeze. Simply use a stone-safe cleaning product to wipe down the countertops after use and seal the stone occasionally to keep it pristine. Opting for natural stone over tile or concrete can also extend the life of your kitchen as stone counters can last a lifetime.
Combining a stone facade with stainless steel countertops and/or appliances can give your kitchen a functional yet stylish appearance.
Quality Fixtures

Quality Fixtures

Planning to add a sink to your outdoor kitchen? We install only the best outdoor fixtures. Many homeowners love the look of a commercial-style pull-down faucet for their outdoor kitchen sink, but you may prefer something understated.
We will match the fixtures to the style of your kitchen with finish options like stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished or brushed nickel.
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Your Choice ofKitchen Equipment
The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your own personal outdoor patio kitchen. How do you envision using your backyard? Do you want to enjoy a glass of wine on chilly nights? Cook pizza with friends? Spend summer days grilling with the family? We can add almost any type of equipment you have in mind. Here are some popular options.

Professional Landscape Design / Construction.

Providing San Diego residents with affordable and professionally installed outdoor kitchen fixtures.
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Have questions about installing an outdoor grill or BBQ island? Our outdoor kitchen contractors are here to help. We welcome you to call us with any questions you have or to request a consultation. Here are a few questions we often hear from customers.
What kind of equipment can I install in an outdoor kitchen?
Almost any type of kitchen equipment can be installed in an outdoor kitchen in San Diego, as long as it’s protected and properly installed. Common options include gas grills, sinks, refrigerators, built-in coolers, warming drawers, and smokers.
Is it waterproof?
By design, your outdoor kitchen will be waterproof, although some components must be covered. Our outdoor kitchen contractors put careful thought into creating kitchens that stand up well to the elements while balancing the amount of maintenance you need to do. We will help you select waterproof and easy to clean materials that will stand the test of time. Common materials include granite, travertine, stainless steel, manufactured stone, and slate.
Your grill, induction cooktop, and some other types of equipment should be covered after use. If you want your kitchen to stay dry and usable, even in the rain, a covered outdoor kitchen is an option.
What maintenance is required?
The maintenance you will need to perform for your kitchen will depend on the finishes and equipment you select. Here’s what we
recommend based on common options.
Natural Stone:
Stone countertops are a popular choice for an outdoor kitchen in San Diego, CA. While natural stone is very durable and long-lasting, it isn’t indestructible. Spills from food and oil can cause stains and even permanent damage in the form of etching. To protect against food spills and the elements, seal your countertop regularly.
Natural & Manufactured Stone Facades:
If you have manufactured stone, it will have a 30-year warranty. Still, you will need to take care of it. Stone can easily last a lifetime, but you may want to power wash it annually to remove stains, grease, and mildew. Be especially careful with pressure settings with manufactured stone, which is stamped concrete and can be ruined.
Your grill is a major investment. Make sure you take care of it by cleaning it regularly. The best time to clean your grill is while it’s warm. Once the grill is clean, make sure you cover it. After all, even high-end grills made from corrosion-resistant metal can still rust.
Stainless Steel:
This material stands up well against rain and other elements, although it does capture fingerprints very easily. To avoid smudges, we recommend using a stainless steel cleaner regularly on your appliances and other stainless steel surfaces.