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Outdoor Living
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Outdoor Living

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Outdoor living means extending your home into the outdoors. Expanding your lifestyle into your backyard can improve the beauty and function of your home. It can also boost your home’s value. Outdoor living means different things to different people. It can include everything from covered patios for entertaining and outdoor bars and kitchens to spas, swimming pools, and
outdoor rooms.
We take pride in designing and building custom outdoor living spaces in San Diego. No matter what you have in mind, we can make it a reality.
Home Addition

Outdoor Living: A Unique Kind of Home Addition

Spending more time outside doesn’t mean giving up creature comforts. We can design a space that offers comfortable and functional outdoor living, whether it’s a covered space with furniture and a fireplace or a custom outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.
As this concept of outdoor living in San Diego has evolved, it has become something much more than a basic dining set on a backyard patio. Today, more homeowners want a porch that can transform into an enclosure or large walls that open to transition from indoors to outdoors.
Because outdoor living spaces can be adapted in so many ways, they have truly become a new form of home addition without the high cost and inability to adapt to changing needs.

Transitional Outdoor Living Areas

The rise of outdoor living spaces has come with many innovations to truly bridge the gap between the indoor and the outdoor. There are several ways to achieve a transitional indoor-outdoor room.
One option is an enclosed outdoor living room which can help you seamlessly transition from inside the home to the backyard. You can enjoy the perfect space for indoor/outdoor entertainment without worrying about wind, rain, or insects.
When you opt for an enclosed or covered outdoor living room, the sky is the limit. We can install TVs, an outdoor fireplace, and even a custom bar for your own backyard sports bar. For relaxing with family, you may prefer a covered outdoor kitchen and sitting area
The NanaWall system is one popular option with framed floor-to-ceiling panels of glass. This creates a space that is open to the outside. We also install Phantom Screens, which are retractable screens with clear panels to let in fresh air or keep it out.
Transitional Outdoor Living
Pool and Patio

Outdoor Living Pool and Patio Options

Pool and patio designs are very popular in San Diego as homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living space year-round. Whether you are imagining a freeform pool with beautiful landscaping, a space-efficient lap pool, or a built-in spa, we will help you transform your outdoor space.
While some homeowners want a stand-alone pool, many prefer a backyard pool or spa with an integrated patio space. We can even design an outdoor kitchen and shower station into your design for the ultimate backyard retreat.
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GazebosBeautiful and decorative designs
Enclosed gazebos are a great way to add function to your outdoor living spaces. With a net enclosure or tinted glass walls, you can enjoy a bit of shade while enjoying your morning coffee or watching the kids play.
Gazebos also function as a focal point in your garden. Depending on the style of your home and outdoor spaces, you may want one of the following styles.

Fencing, Arches, and Trellises

Outdoor areas don’t need to be enclosed with walls, shades, or curtains to define the spaces. We design outdoor living spaces with many elements like trellises, arches, fencing, and more to add privacy, interest, texture, and purpose.
A trellis or arch can be used to lead from one area to an outdoor room. This gives the sense of entering a new space while adding the interest of gorgeous climbing plants. Fencing can also be used to frame rooms. We use all types of materials like shrubs, recovered barn wood, bamboo, and lattice work to create boundaries and art.

Outdoor Living San Diego, CA

Professional and beautiful outdoor living areas in San Diego
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Have questions about designing an outdoor living space in San Diego? We can do it all. We take pride in designing beautiful, durable, and low maintenance outdoor spaces to enhance your home and life. The following are common questions we hear from customers about outdoor space design. Feel free to give us a call if you have a more specific question or want to request an estimate.
What type of features can I add to my outdoor living space?
We can add almost any feature you like to your outdoor space. Some homeowners prefer simple outdoor kitchens with a seating area for guests. We can also design an outdoor living pool and patio area for year-long fun in the sun. When enclosed or covered spaces are part of your design, the sky is really the limit with the potential for electronics and indoor furniture. Other features you may appreciate include an outdoor shower, a built-in patio spa, a covered gazebo, a fireplace or fire pit, fencing, or dedicated areas for pets or kids.
Finishing touches may include landscape lighting, landscaping, garden beds, and furniture
How long does it normally take to build?
This will depend completely on what you want to install in your front or backyard. As a general rule of thumb, the designing and planning stage may take 2-6 weeks, depending on the complexity. Installing most outdoor living spaces can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 or more months, depending on the necessary work. The length of the project can be affected by needed grading, utility installation, constructing overhead structures, expanding patios and decks, and adding lighting.
For the best estimate, contact us to discuss your project. We will give you a rough idea of how long it will take. After visiting your home, we can also give you an estimate on your project.
How much space do I need?
We design outdoor living spaces of all sizes. As long as you have room for a patio, we can help you build a beautiful outdoor living area. The size of your front or backyard will dictate what can be done with the space, of course.
Most pools in San Diego are around 600 square feet. A smaller 350 square foot pool can still be an option if you have limited outdoor space. A smaller pool will measure about 12 to 17 feet across and 20 to 30 feet in length. You will also need minimum distances on the sides of the pool from any other structures.
If you don’t have the space for a pool, or you’d prefer a hot tub, you will only need about 10’x10′ space. We often incorporate spas into patios to save space and create an outdoor space for entertaining.
Here are some other general guidelines to give you a place to start.
  • Conversation or seating area for 3-6 people: 10’x10′
  • Fire pit: 30-36″ on all sides away from furniture
  • Outdoor shower: 5’x5′
  • Small grill station: 6’x6′
  • Outdoor kitchen: 10 linear feet to 20 linear feet, depending on size and amenities. Cooktops require 12 inches of open counter space on each side. A sink requires 18″ of open counter on either side. A grill needs 24″ of open counter space on one side and 12″ on the other side.